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09May 2021 Sun 04:00 PM


Cockfighting betting is a popular online game nowadays in Malaysia. We offer the best live cockfight betting that you can make your bets from home.

E-City brings to you cockfight (998bet) matches from Philipines, Laos. You can watch the matches Live while betting. It is exciting and thrilling to watch the fast-paced, brutal cockfights.

2 angry roosters armed with sharp razors called gaffs attached to the legs. The cockfight is bloody and fierce as both roosters will cause deadly wounds to opponent, sometimes even cut off opponent's head completely. A fight to the death, the survivor will be declared winner. Roosters who lose in a fight are often known to be nothing more than trash and are thrown into "dead stacks" or thrown away.

This is how the Winners of cockfights online are determined:

1) If one rooster dies, the survivor will be the winner.

2) If the both roosters are still alive but cannot fight anymore, the "koyme" will lift up the two roosters and make them fight each other. Any rooster who doesn't peck again will become a loser. Two pecks are all players who need to win the match. If one chicken runs away from the battle, it will be declared a loser.

"Biya?" or "Inilog?" Biya is for the favorite rooster, and Inilog is for the challenger rooster. Pick your bet now! E-City gives you cock fighting online for your convenience from home. Playing on this online betting site, players no longer take their chickens to any place. All they need is to have a computer with internet access and enjoy cockfighting online with your fingers clicking on the game that interests you. Don't forget to register as a member of ecity888.com to play cockfighting.